AR500 Steel Targets

AR500 steel plate is produced to a special carbon-manganese specification, developed specifically for applications requiring superior wear resistance and will ordinarily outlast other steel grades. AR500 Steel is a high hardness, high strength quenched and tempered chrome-moly, boron treated alloy plate with high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and impact abrasion. A premium resistant steel plate, ar500 steel is heat treated to exhibit through-hardening, improved forming, and welding capabilities. Due to these inherent material properties, ar500 steel is the material of choice to make rifle grade targets.

Only a few grades of steel plate are used to manufacture targets. AR500 Steel Targets in a number of sizes are widely available from as small as four inch dimensions on up. These small targets can be purchased in a price range of $20 to $50 per target depending on the size dimensions. Larger targets are also made. Specially made portable support racks for hanging the targets can be acquired for about $150 to $200. Alternately, the targets could be suspended from a tree limb or fence post or other do-it-yourself creative suspension.

If you choose to manufacture your own targets, ar500 steel plate comes in a number of different thicknesses including 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″. When cutting 1/4″ or thinner plate, a waterjet is the preferred cutting tool. 3/8″ or thicker steel plate can be cut with a plasma cutter or laser or waterjet it doesn’t make that much difference. The concern with cutting the thinner plate with plasma or laser is that the heat may affect the hardness of the plate, especially at the edges where the heat is absorbed. For thinner plate, use waterjet, especially for cutting pieces smaller than about 25 square inches. Get in touch with a steel distributor in your area to get ar500 steel plate if you want to make your own targets from a sheet of steel plate. For a full discussion about cutting ar500 plate, see cutting ar500 steel.